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Is it time to quit smoking? Anyone who has ever held a cigarette knows the struggle is real. You know you need to quit smoking for your health. You need to quit smoking for your family. You need to quit smoking to save yourself thousands of dollars each year that gets incinerated at the tip of your cigarette. But it’s hard. Right? I know it is.

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Maybe you have quit before and started smoking again…

Maybe now you’re vaping and realizing that vaping is also bad for your health. It’s harder to quit the second time than it was the first time. Many people try quitting cold turkey, but then they get irritable and often substitute food to replace the habit of putting something into their mouths. Others, use prescriptions from their doctors combined with therapy to quit smoking. This can be effective. And, it’s still hard. It’s just hard to quit smoking.


Quitting Smoking Doesn’t Have to be Hard

We’re here to help you quit smoking and feel good about your choice. We’re here to make the transition from being a smoker to a nonsmoker a much easier transition through hypnosis. Wait! Hang on a second. I know what you’re thinking. You’ve seen hypnotists in comedy clubs or on TV. You might think, “Will hypnosis really work for me?” The answer is YES. Yes, it will.

You see, smoking is a two part addiction. First, there is the physical addiction to nicotine. I’m going to tell you a secret that most people don’t realize about quitting smoking. It only takes your body 3 – 5 days to break the physical addiction to nicotine. This is the time when most people who try to quit cold turkey go right back to smoking! They fail. Everything after that is mental. Bear with me, now. Read this through. Everything after the physical addiction is in your mind. The muscle memory (habit) of moving your hand up to your mouth and inhaling, the need to have that tactile component touching your lips, the desire to smoke as a habit in your daily routine whether that’s in your car while you drive or first thing after a meal – all of this is the mental part of the addiction.

And let me share one more secret with you. Because the vast majority of the habit of smoking is mental, hypnosis is absolutely one of the most effective ways to quit smoking. You don’t have to struggle with quitting smoking. You can succeed! You don’t have to snap off at family members and friends out of frustration from quitting smoking, because you can be mentally at peace with this process of becoming a non-smoker! You can succeed once and for all!  Smoking is one thing you can quit with our help!


Patricia Talks About Quitting

In this video Patricia Malecki discusses the kinds of chemicals that are found in cigarettes and how much money you are spending each year to support your mental additction to smoking.


Success is as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Success for you is right here at your fingertips. Simply sign up now for your appointment with Patricia Malecki, board certified hypnotherapist. Don’t worry about where in the world you are because here at Hypnotherapy Care we offer online therapy and hypnosis sessions. There are no more excuses. There is only you quitting smoking. Right now.



You have to take that first step.  After clicking that button right there below this text, the rest is gravy.  You will have reached out to Patricia Malecki to start your hypnosis program to quit smoking.




Whether you choose the in person hypnosis program or the virtual program where you can meet with Patricia over Skype, just show up.  If you can show up and open your mind to the how wonderful you life will be as a non-smoker, Patricia can and will help you.



This step is obvious, but let’s clarify it.  Hypnosis will take away the desire to smoke – the urges.  From there it’s not hard to quit anymore.  Decide to quit.  Say, “No Thankyou” to the stinky clothes and fingers, say, “No Thankyou” to the coughing and congestion. Be a successful quitter!

I don’t think I’m ready to quit smoking.

  Fear.   Fear is the demon that creates paralysis when it comes to taking that first step. Take a moment to close your eyes and view the two paths before you.  What does your future look like if you continue smoking? What does it look like if you quit? You are accustomed to the way things are, and you know that your life and your health could be better if you make the change. So, feel every cell in your body right now, those cells are gasping for air under the smoke. Those cells are struggling to survive. Help them. Help yourself.


Here’s What You Get!

This program is for remote clients and in-office clients. Your quit smoking hypnosis program incudes: an audio file to re-listen to at home or in car when you need a little boost to your mental fortitude,  1 quit smoking hypnotherapy session either in the office or by Skype, PLUS 1 additional bonus hypnotherapy session if needed withing the first 3 months, coaching for the first week (the hardest week or any quit smoking program) from Patricia Malecki, a lifetime of nicotine-free days, and roughtly $2000 a year that goes back into your bank account now that you’re not using the money the buy cigarettes or vaping supplies.


$499 $399

  • 1 Audio File
  • 1 Hypnotherapy Quit Smoking Session (2 hours)
  • 1 Bonus Hypnotherapy Quit Smoking Session (if needed – 3 month time limit)
  • 1 Month Supportive Quit Smoking Coaching
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For groups and corporate, we offer all of the program items included in the “Single” plan with discounted pricing available.  Contact Patricia to discuss the size of your group and pricing options.