Online Therapy FAQs

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Looking for the “best hypnotist near me”? Look no further. Save your gas, because Patricia comes to you by offering hypnotherapy care to you, on your couch, using video conferencing tools. Simply schedule an appointment for a video call for your next therapy session, and reap the benefits of hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own couch.

Is online hypnotherapy as effective as being in Patricia’s office?

Yep! Patricia is able to help you conquer your fears, quit smoking, or lose weight all without you having to leave your home.

How do I attend my online hypnotherapy appointment?

Patricia will discuss with you options for your online hypnotherapy session such as contacting each other using Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Facetime. You will set up with the video calling software that you know and are comfortable with, so that Patricia can perform your remote hypnosis and therapy. And if you don’t know how to do video conferencing, our personal geek has prepared a how-to video for you on using Zoom.

Wait! Can I actually be hypnotized in online hynotherapy?

Yes. Well, actually, hypnosis only works if you want it to. So, if you believe that you can be hypnotized, then you can. This is true whether you are in the office of your hypnotherapist or participating in an online hypnotherapy session.

Will all my sessions be done online?

Patricia Malecki prefers to meet people in person the first time, but we also understand that this is not possible for everyone (or for anyone during a pandemic). You may be in another part of the world, or you may have phobias that prevent you from leaving your home, or your health my not allow you to leave your home. In any case, Patricia is able to to meet with you remotely via online video conferencing. After the initial consultation, Patricia will develop your plan for online hypnotherapy care.

What kinds of services can I get with online hypnotherapy?

All of the same services that are offered in our hypnotherapy care office in Charlotte, NC are available with online sessions. Become a better athlete, perform better at work, lose weight, quit smoking, and so much more. Take a look at our services list to see the full list of offerings.

I’m ready for online hypnotherapy. How do I schedule an intake interview for Hypnotherapy Care?

Great! We’re glad that you’re ready to take the first step towards defeating your fears, improving your sports performance, or improving your relationships with your friends and family. Visit our Online Therapy Shop to choose your product or pack.

Want online hypnotherapy, but
don’t know how to Zoom?

Have no fear, our friends at Queen City Rent a Geek have a Youtube channel with how to videos and this one was made for YOU. Here’s your intro to Zoom video calls.