Thought for Today: Celebrate Your Uniqueness

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Thought for Today: Celebrate Your Uniqueness

girl celebrating her uniqueness after hypnotherapy


No matter how much you think you know someone, you can never know their whole story. If you are single and desperate to start a relationship or family, looking at photos on social media of an old classmate’s wedding or pictures of a coworker’s new baby is a quick way to feel terrible about yourself. 

The changing seasons are always difficult, when we see hundreds of family photos with smiling faces or hugging spouses while going on adventurous hikes in foreign countries.

This goes for teenagers too. Everyone always shows “ the best time of my life face” …… but think about this for a moment. Does anybody really just live from one ecstatic event to another memorably romantic situation or breathtaking moment? NO!

People often use social media to show an idealized version of their life. Try to resist the urge to go down the social media rabbit hole.

Consider unfollowing people whose lives trigger the strongest emotions. (This counts for teenagers too.) Not every girl is the happiest with her boyfriend, no guy is just only loving life and surfing the best waves all day! NO, NO! Not true. You will feel better once you cut the social media cord with those people and most stay friends with someone without seeing their updates.

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